Here, I am a bad boy.

immaculate conception | Five Finger Discount

When I was a boy, my mom would host bunco nights. Luckily, I was born with the preternatural instinct that bunco blows. Thus, I would dress my sister and I up as clowns to perform light comedic acts for attendees. Don't worry, my sister was young enough that those memories would eventually be deleted. 

But, while some grow up, I grew laterally. Come high school, I took my relatively inapplicable talents to an audition, and an improviser was born. At Parkway South High School, that team was Five Finger Discount. Here, I learned the fundamentals of improvisation: CORE (character, objective, relationship and environment). I also learned that girls prefer bad boys.

Here, I realize that I have, in fact, committed a felony.

Here, I realize that I have, in fact, committed a felony.


The Addiction's Hold | Comedy Wars

I was limp in its grasp. Improv had become a part of me — my performing and my thinking self. Thus, it was only natural that I would continue my education. I auditioned for and was chosen to do so with Comedy Wars, MU's premier short-form improvisational comedy troupe. Here, I learned to never trust my first three ideas, novelty stems from numbers four, five, six, etc.

As an educator, I’ve taken this ideology off-stage to companies, schools, colleges and campus organizations. By conducting workshops with a range of humans, from as young as fifteen to as old as fifty, I've seen the value of improvisational ideation across life stages and industries. I hope to work in an office (or whatever physical structure) that values this approach, and encourages its employees to pursue performance opportunities when they clock-out.

I may never be famous, but if I am, it won't be for committing a felony. 

Clients that I have led or contributed to workshops for, include:

Stand Up | A rebirth

More to come...